OM is a beautiful and sacred sound and vibration that is often invited into Yoga classes. OM is said to be the sound of all sounds. Some believe that the vibration of OM is the vibration of The Devine. It’s also a way to feel present with all other beings near and far as the sound of OM intertwines together and vibrates with peace, strength, unity, and togetherness.

OM or AUM is comprised of four parts. A beginning (A), a middle (U), an end (M), and silence. This can represent the past, present, future, and timelessness. All things in life seem to follow this pattern, including life itself. There are many beliefs connected with the vibration of OM and it truly comes down to you finding your personal connection with it. Some find a more spiritual connection with the sound of OM while others find it more as a useful tool to staying present and mindful during their practice. Some use it as a connective embrace to feel united with the other Yogis in the room.

If the sound of OM is invited into one of your classes, you can choose to participate or not. It’s your practice and you have every right to not join in. Explore your feelings and experiences and see how you personally connect with the sound and vibration of OM. Perhaps you will simply enjoy hearing the sound of OM. It can be quite beautiful to hear voices unite together to create something so beautiful, natural, powerful, and timeless. To be a part of that can make you feel connected with not only those around you creating the sound but with all beings.

If you have more questions about the sound of OM please feel free to message me or ask any of your teachers. Enjoy the exploration!

OM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
OM, May there be Peace, Peace, Peace!