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Audio Tape instructs the following:
  • Hot 26/2 - 90 Min: All Level (105)

    Hot 26/2 - 90 Min. is a traditional hot yoga style condensed into a 90 minute class. You will practice the same 26 postures twice each class. Be prepared to sweat as the room is heated to about 105-110 degrees with 50% humidity. There is not much weight bearing on the wrists or upper body making this class ideal for beginners or those who cannot be weight bearing on their upper body.

    The room is heated to allow for improved circulation and cardiovascular health as well as deep muscle stretching and elimination of toxins. Our classes are designed for practitioners of all ages; beginners are welcome. Both men and women love this intense workout, which develops strength, flexibility and balance.

    Make sure you're hydrated, wear fitted clothing, bring a towel to place over your mat, and avoid eating a large meal 1-3 hours before coming to class.

    Recommended For:

    - Students who want to explore Hot Yoga styles.

    - Students who like consistency in their practice and would enjoy learning the same poses every class.

    - Students who enjoy a challenge and are looking to sweat.

    - Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice.