Mark Berger

Mark Berger instructs the following:
  • Mindfulness: Why All The Hype?

    Stress, Stress, Stress.It is everywhere. Each of us has experienced stress. Mindfulness keeps popping up as the remedy. Join us to better understand why Mindfulness is all the rage and what it can actually do for you. In this 2-hour session, we will discuss what Mindfulness is and why we so sorely need it. We will review what some of the current science says about it. You will learn ways in which you can develop your own practice and sample it for yourself with a short, guided meditation. This session is open to everyone and may just be the kick-start you need!


    Mark Berger is a physician and medical educator who began his meditation journey over 10 years ago. For the last five years, he has studied meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition under the guidance of Scott and Nancy McBride of the ClearLight Meditation Institute. Mark’s meditation practice has included many long silent retreats with ClearLight. Along with his wife Victoria Green, Mark recently completed a comprehensive 2-year meditation teachers’ training program with ClearLight. As a physician and cardiologist, Mark brings his knowledge of wellness and disease processes to provide a deep understanding of how mediation impacts the mind and body, including the neuroscience and biochemistry which underlie some of these effects. Mark has found the study and practice of meditation to be of tremendous value and is passionate about teaching meditation so that others may benefit as well.


    Location: Erdenheim
    Date: Tuesday, 8/28
    Time: 7-8:30 PM
    Cost: $20.00