Kathleen Schneer

Kathleen Schneer instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga: All Level
  • All Levels Welcome

    Yin Yoga postures are floor-based and are held for longer periods of time (generally 3-6 minutes). Deep stretching and lengthening help increase circulation to the joints and promote flexibility throughout your body. Breath is linked with the postures to help sink deeply into the poses and let go of any stress your body may be holding. You will learn to breath through discomfort and find peace within the poses. 
    Recommended For:
    - Everyone! This practice is a healthy option for students of all levels and ages.  

  • Vinyasa Flow Level I/II
  • A dynamic, flowing form of yoga that links together your breath with movement. These classes have the power to transform your body, revive your spirit, and make you feel alive. You will experience a variety of postures, expand on alignment principles, and learn modifications as needed. We will practice a variety of standing and seated postures that will bring a balance of both strength and flexibility, power and grace, energy and restoration. The heart of this practice is in your movement from one pose to the next. Learn to go with the flow, find your edge, and experience inner joy.

    Recommended For:

    - Students who have practiced Classic Hatha or Hatha Flow and are looking to deepen their practice.

    - Students who are new to Vinyasa Flow. 

    - Students who enjoy variety, creativity, and movement linked with breath.

    - Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice. 

  • $10 Early Bird Flow: All Level
  • Early Bird / Hatha Flow classes are designed for Hatha students ready to move their practice to the next level, or for anyone new to flow. Students will move with their breath at a slightly slower pace than traditional Vinyasa while focusing on alignment.

    Recommended For:

    - Brand new beginners.

    - Intermediate students deepening current practice with alignment work.

    - Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice.