Lee Polychron


~ Yoga Instructor


Lee received her Anusara-inspired 200-hour teaching training at Twisters and 50 hours of advanced teacher training at DIG yoga, Lambertville. Lee believes that in this tech-complex world we can lose touch with our most elemental selves. We forget to stop and appreciate who we are and what the heck we are doing.


Yoga enables us to stretch our physical and emotional bodies to find new places of strength and potential, and with that bigger view, grow beyond what our minds allow, beyond what we think is possible. Lee doesn't think yoga needs to be serious or faux-spiritual, as the benefits come no matter what. Lee likes to create a spirit of fun, community and excitement around yoga, with responsible alignment, accessible language, sequencing that opens the body gradually but fully, and great music. She teaches vinyasa flow and hatha yoga.

Lee Polychron instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Flow All Level
  • All Levels Welcome
    A dynamic flowing form of yoga that links together your breath with movement. These classes have the power to transform your body, revive your spirit and make you feel alive. You will experience a variety of postures, expand on alignment principles and learn modifications as needed. A variety of standing and seated postures will be practiced that will bring a balance of both strength and flexibility, power and grace, energy and restoration. The heart of this practice is in your movement from one pose to the next. Learn to go with the flow, find your edge, and experience inner joy.

    Recommended For:


    -Students who have practiced Vinyasa Flow before.

    -Students who enjoy variety, creativity, and movement linked with breath.

    - Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice.