Tricia Fleming

~ Yoga Instructor 
Yoga was a natural progression for Tricia after a life of competitive figure skating followed by studies in Exercise Physiology in college. She has been teaching for 15 years and feels as strongly about yoga today as when she started.  While she loves the physical side of yoga her keen interest lies within the practice of mindfulness and the science behind  it.  Her classes are flow based with a heavy emphasis on the breath-movement connection and the practice of mindfulness while moving.
Tricia has studied with Dee Silvers, David Swenson, Manju Jois, David Williams, Seane Corn, Michelle Synnestvedt and John Friend (gasp).
When not slaving at the studios she can often be found stressing out her vocal cords on the sidelines of one of her 3 daughters lacrosse games.

Tricia Fleming instructs the following:
  • $10 Early Bird Hot Pilates: All Level (95)



    A mat-based class incorporating Pilate’s principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The class heats up to about 95 degrees and a motivating playlist helps keep you pumped!


    A no impact class burns fat and develops long lean muscle mass. These classes help you gain flexibility, build endurance and see results fast! While working hard, and having fun, this 60 minute class is over before you know it. The heatadds to the cardio portion of the workout, detoxing the body, and burning a lot of calories.


    The entire core, glutes, upper body, arms and legs get worked. Back strengthening develops strong muscles supporting a healthy spine that builds better posture.


    All you need is your mat, a full length towel and water. Your hot yoga attire is a good baseline for what to wear.



  • Classic Hatha: Level I/II
  • All Levels Welcome
    Hatha yoga provides students with a safe and supportive environment to explore optimal physical alignment in yoga poses. Students will move slowly and mindfully, deepening their understanding of poses while quieting the mind through this breath focused practice.  Because this style has less weight bearing activity for the upper body it is perfect for students who are newer to yoga or recovering from upper body injuries.
    Recommended For:

    - Brand new beginners.
    - Seniors.
    - Students healing from an injury or with an injury.
    - Intermediate students deepening current practice with alignment work.
    - Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice.

  • Core Flow All Level
  • Coming soon...

  • Nothing But Assists...Part 2
    Join Tricia & Stuart for three fun filled 2 hour classes featuring hands on assists all class long!! Each session will include a slow and thorough warm up followed by a practice focused on working specific areas of the body. Class will end with deep relaxation breathing and a 15 minute savasana in Supta Baddha Konasana. Classes will be limited in size to maximize the hands on assists experience for each student. These classes are appropriate for students of all levels, but previous yoga experience required. Sign up now!!
    Part 1 - Spine & Shoulder / Upper Body Opening
    Healthy back… happy body. This class will include poses to both strengthen and open the spine from top to bottom as well as focusing on shoulder opening.
    When: Saturday, November 4th
    Where: Ambler
    Time: 1-3 PM
    Cost: $50