Hot Yoga Express All Level (105°)

This class is taught by:

Elizabeth Roberts

Elizabeth discovered yoga while on vacation in South Carolina, when a friend invited her to a class. Immediately she was hooked, and began taking yoga classes when she returned home. Her local teachers were both Kripalu certified, and Elizabeth began the one month Teacher Training program soon after. She has been certified since 1999 and teaching yoga ever since.

Elizabeth Moulder

~ Yoga Instructor
Elizabeth completed her teacher training in 2006 at Wake Up Yoga after being inspired by teachers and studies in college to delve into eastern philosophy. During her yoga training, she developed an interest in the anatomical and physiological aspects of the practice while furthering her understanding of its philosophy.
She has since completed trainings with great teachers, and was certified to teach prenatal yoga in 2007. She continues to frequently study and practice yoga, and maintains a constant fascination with the help of her studies, her students and her teachers.

Karen Reina

~ Yoga Instructor
Karen’s passion for yoga began in 2000 and she has been teaching at Twisters since 2005. Initially trained in Ashtanga yoga, she completed the 100-hour Anusara Immersion and has been formally trained in the HOT series as well. She has attended intensive trainings and workshops with Noah Maze, Christina Sells, Desiree Rumbaugh, Darren Rhodes and Naime Jezzeny and consistently seeks new inspirations for her own classes and practice as well.
Karen also holds a Masters in Education and has a background as a competitive athlete; both influence her teaching style and ability to share her knowledge and love for yoga through challenging, alignment–based classes. However, most evident are Karen’s energy, enthusiasm and genuine commitment to her students. She creates a safe and supportive environment that enables students to explore their own capabilities with freedom, confidence and security. Karen will drive your desire to take your practice to the next level and encourage you to continue your personal journey on and off the mat.

Denise Abraham

~ Yoga Instructor
Denise has been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 20 years. She fell in love with the practice in 1997 while living in San Francisco and while contemplating a career in holistic health. After she took her first Bikram yoga class she knew she wanted to teach and help others discover the ability of healing oneself, both physically and mentally, through Bikram yoga. After attending Bikram’s Teacher Training in 1999, and after teaching at Bikram Yoga Philadelphia for 3 months, she was the first to bring Bikram Yoga to the Palm Springs area of Southern California. In 2002 she opened Bikram Yoga Palm Desert in Palm Desert California. She owned and operated the studio for 10 years before returning to Denise’s hometown of Philadelphia. In 2016 Denise also completed the Intermediate 84 Asana posture training with Ida Ripley. Denise is passionate about teaching and loves to help the beginner discover the practice as well as helping seasoned practitioners reach to higher heights.

Damon Abraham

Damon Abraham grew up in Northern California surfing, swimming & playing water polo. He also has a passion for playing drums & played in a number of bands in the San Francisco area. Damon met his wife Denise in San Francisco & 13 years ago they moved to Southern California after Denise became a Bikram yoga instructor. Damon followed in her steps & became a certified Bikram instructor in 2003. They owned Bikram Yoga Palm Desert for 10 years. Recently D & D have moved to Pennsylvania & are excited to bring their knowledge of Bikram yoga to Twisters. Damon loves to see all sizes, shapes, ages & levels of ability in his classes. Come join Damon soon & Sweat it out!!

Annie Masters

~ Yoga Instructor
Authentic and fun loving, Annie has been studying and practicing yoga since 2002. While evoking a calm, positive energy, Annie’s classes are centered on alignment-based principles that foster physiological wellbeing and challenge students to deepen their practice to their fullest potential in a playfully serious way. It is with heartfelt enthusiasm that Annie welcomes individuals of every age, ability, and background to join her in the daily exploration of yoga.
Earning her RYT-200 hour certification in 2014 from Dig Yoga (Lambertville, NJ), Annie continues to find inspiration from local teachers as well as internationally renowned yogis. Annie lives in gratitude of the keen awareness that yoga continually brings to her everyday life.


Hot Yoga Express is a traditional hot yoga style condensed into a 60 or 75 minute class. You will practice the same 26 postures each class. Be prepared to sweat as the room is heated to about 105-110 degrees with 50% humidity. There is not much weight bearing on the wrists or upper body making this class ideal for beginners or those who cannot be weight bearing on their upper body.


The room is heated to allow for improved circulation and cardiovascular health as well as deep muscle stretching and elimination of toxins. Our classes are designed for practitioners of all ages; beginners are welcome. Both men and women love this intense workout, which develops strength, flexibility and balance.


Make sure you're hydrated, wear fitted clothing, bring a towel to place over your mat, and avoid eating a large meal 1-3 hours before coming to class.


Recommended For:

- Students who want to explore Hot Yoga for the first time.

- Students who like consistency in their practice and would enjoy learning the same poses every class.

- Students who enjoy a challenge and are looking to sweat.

- Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice.