Heated Pilates: All Level (90°)

This class is taught by:

Nicole Alfieri

~ Hot Yoga Instructor / Hot Pilates Instructor

This year marks my 20th year of studying and practicing, many forms of yoga. Six years ago, I realized the importance of a regular practice when I began learning about Bikram Yoga. The discipline has allowed me to understand and accept so much in life. My 9 week intense teacher training was in Thailand in 2015, and I have been teaching since July 2015.


Teaching yoga is about every single student in the room.The focus is on emphasizing what you can do, working hard, and to stay steady with that concept. My goal is to motivate each and every person to find their edges through that hard work.


This Spring, I received a certification to also teach Hot Pilates. What a wonderful compliment to teaching Bikram Yoga. A music fueled hour full of high cardio to target the core, upper body, legs, and arms.You develop long lean muscle mass, stamina, endurance and burn a lot of calories!


Since my certification, I have taught classes in Austin TX and Philadelphia, PA.



A mat-based class incorporating Pilate’s principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The class heats up to about 90 degrees and a motivating playlist helps keep you pumped!


A no impact class burns fat and develops long lean muscle mass. These classes help you gain flexibility, build endurance and see results fast! While working hard, and having fun, this 60 minute class is over before you know it. The heatadds to the cardio portion of the workout, detoxing the body, and burning a lot of calories.


The entire core, glutes, upper body, arms and legs get worked. Back strengthening develops strong muscles supporting a healthy spine that builds better posture.


All you need is your mat, a full length towel and water. Your hot yoga attire is a good baseline for what to wear.