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This class is taught by:

Alyssa Beerger

~ Barre Instructor
Alyssa was exposed to dance at a very young age, and instantly fell in love with the arts. She studied Classical Ballet from age 5-15 at a local Ballet school in Chestnut hill, and then became interested in musical theatre and classical singing. Alyssa followed her passion for singing, and attended Loyola University of New Orleans receiving a Bachelor’s of Music from Loyola in 2011. During her time in New Orleans, Alyssa would attend barre and yoga classes. She grew to love the studio lifestyle, and soon realized she wanted to teach Barre classes.
Alyssa completed her Balanced Body Barre certification in April of 2013 and has been teaching at Twisters ever since. Alyssa’s classes are upbeat, and set to a fast paced, pop soundtrack. Her goal is to have her students build strength, gain flexibly, confidence in themselves, and have a little fun while doing it in a friendly atmosphere.

Stacey Timbo

Stacey Timbo has been teaching and practicing Pilates for more than 4 years. She loves Pilates now more than ever because it continues to evolve and allows Stacey to find more power and depth in the work. Her greatest joy comes from watching her clients experience profound changes in their bodies and seeing their excitement when they learn something new. Through her degree in Kinesiology, Stacey discovered Pilates and what it could do for her body. While completing her physical therapy internship with an emphasis in Kinesiology she discovered that Pilates incorporates both her love for general fitness and rehabilitation. Stacey studied under Balance Body by taking their comprehensive training program in Reformer and Mat Pilates. The Balanced Body program that Stacey learned under taught her a comprehensive Pilates training program on the Pilates equipment including mat and Reformer.
Stacey values learning and has continued her education through a variety of workshops and conferences through a myriad of different Pilates studios and seminars. While staying true to the principles of Pilates, Stacey integrates other props to assist in advancing movements to improve one’s strength, coordination and balance.
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
College attended and degree earned: Arizona State University
Years teaching Pilates: since 2012
Years taking Pilates: since 2012
Trained by: Personalized Pilates Studio, Phoenix Arizona
Mentor Program: Larry Foe under Balanced Body training program
Other related certifications/credentials: ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and ACE Personal Trainer; Barre certified
Favorite Pilates exercise and why: Short Spine because it just opens my spine up in such a delicious way.
Why I enjoy teaching Pilates: I love helping people learn to enjoy moving in their bodies. Movement should be fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Lori Lynn Williams

~ Barre Instructor
Lori began her training in Classical Ballet at the age of six, studying throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. She is a former member of the Gateway Ballet and the St. Louis Civic Ballet Company. Lori continued her dance education through the State Ballet of Missouri (currently the Kansas City Ballet) and more recently, the Atlanta Ballet Company. While in Pennsylvania, she was the Pre-Ballet coordinator for both The Rock and Rock West Schools of the Pennsylvania Ballet. Lori has been teaching traditional Ballet classes for over 25 years.
Nearly 11 years ago, she created a Ballet-based fitness class of her very own...and developed it into "Ballet Burn"; a multi-faceted Ballet Barre class unto its own.
Currently, Lori continues to teach traditional Ballet classes at Wayne Ballet & Centre for Dance Arts on the MainLine. She is also a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway - Haverford Station office.

Upcoming classes:

  • Sat Apr 01 8:15 am - 9:10 am with Alyssa Beerger
    at Erdenheim
  • Sat Apr 01 8:15 am - 9:10 am with Stacey Timbo
    at Ambler
  • Sat Apr 01 9:30 am - 10:25 am with Lori Lynn Williams
    at Ambler