Hot Hatha All Level (105°)

This class is taught by:

Stuart Weinstein

~ Yoga Instructor
Stuart is a certified yoga instructor with over 1,000 hours of training. He has been teaching yoga for 20 years and has been with Twisters since its inception. He calls Twisters his home. Additionally, he was a paramedic, attended nursing school, and along with teaching yoga, is an addictions counselor.
He has trained with several of world known teachers and has attended countless workshops. Teachers who inspire him include Manju Jois, Dee Silvers, Eddie Stern, Ari Halbert, Seane Corn, Amy Ippoliti, Dylan Werner, and Kino.

Karen Reina

~ Yoga Instructor
Karen’s passion for yoga began in 2000 and she has been teaching at Twisters since 2005. Initially trained in Ashtanga yoga, she completed the 100-hour Anusara Immersion and has been formally trained in the HOT series as well. She has attended intensive trainings and workshops with Noah Maze, Christina Sells, Desiree Rumbaugh, Darren Rhodes and Naime Jezzeny and consistently seeks new inspirations for her own classes and practice as well.
Karen also holds a Masters in Education and has a background as a competitive athlete; both influence her teaching style and ability to share her knowledge and love for yoga through challenging, alignment–based classes. However, most evident are Karen’s energy, enthusiasm and genuine commitment to her students. She creates a safe and supportive environment that enables students to explore their own capabilities with freedom, confidence and security. Karen will drive your desire to take your practice to the next level and encourage you to continue your personal journey on and off the mat.

Tammy Dinda

~ Yoga Instructor
Tammy loves to exercise so, 14 years ago when Tricia Fleming (studio owner) asked her to come to a yoga class, she did. Fourteen years later Tammy is still practicing yoga. In 2008 she completed a 200 hour teacher training and in 2014 she completed a 500 hour teacher training at Dig Yoga in Lambertville, NJ.
Tammy’s classes are fun, upbeat, alignment centered classes. She teaches students of all ages and abilities and welcomes all new students. She is thankful for her students and teachers who have taught and supported her on her yoga journey. She is especially grateful to Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny for their guidance and support for the last 7 years. When Tammy is not on her mat she is home with her funny husband and her 3 loving, active, and messy children.

Emily Lambert

~ Yoga Instructor
Emily Lambert has been practicing yoga since 2003 when she first stepped inside the single Twisters’ studio in Erdenheim. As Twisters has blossomed, so has Emily’s love of yoga, inspiring her to pursue a 200-hour Anusara teacher training at Yogaphoria in New Hope, PA in 2009 and advanced trainings in prenatal and anatomy & therapeutics, as well.
Emily aspires to teach alignment-based classes encouraging students to dive deeper into their practice and into their hearts, learning there is always more, both on and off the mat. Please join her.

Elizabeth Roberts

Elizabeth discovered yoga while on vacation in South Carolina, when a friend invited her to a class. Immediately she was hooked, and began taking yoga classes when she returned home. Her local teachers were both Kripalu certified, and Elizabeth began the one month Teacher Training program soon after. She has been certified since 1999 and teaching yoga ever since.

Katelyn Rosenberg

~ Yoga Instructor
Katelyn was a School Counselor prior to deciding to leave traditional education and transition over to Twisters Wellness Centers where she is loving her new life as a Yoga Teacher. She has used her experience as a counselor to link creative and mindful themes into her classes. Katelyn's energetic and playful spirit shines through as she shares her passion for Yoga with her students. She is an advocate for kindness, wellness, and balance both on and off the mat.
She grew up as a competitive gymnast and Yoga became a physical, emotional, and mentally healing practice after a serious spinal injury. Katelyn's classes are designed to open your heart, flow with breath, reduce stress, discover body awareness, and build confidence to explore new poses. Katelyn enjoys creative sequences and making Yoga available for everyone. 

All Levels Welcome


Hot Hatha provides students with a safe and supportive environment to explore optimal physical alignment in yoga poses in a heated environmennt. Students will move slowly and mindfully, deepening their understanding of poses while quieting the mind through this breath focused practice. Because this style has less weight bearing activity for the upper body it is perfect for students who are newer to yoga or recovering from upper body injuries.


Be prepared to sweat as the room is heated to about 105 degrees with 40-50% humidity. This heat allows for improved circulation and cardiovascular health as well as deep muscle stretching and elimination of toxins. Our classes are designed for practitioners of all ages; beginners are welcome. Both men and women love this intense workout, which develops strength, flexibility and balance.


Make sure you're hydrated, wear fitted clothing, bring a towel to place over your mat, and avoid eating a large meal 1-3 hours before coming to class.


Recommended For:


- Students who want to explore Hot Yoga for the first time.

- Students who like a slower and more mindful practice.

- Students who enjoy a challenge and are looking to sweat.

- Pilates and Barre students adding a supporting practice.